Do you have old/used books you never read anymore? Novels, children’s books, etc.?


Join The Atlas Hart Book Swap!


Click here to join the fun! Here’s how it works:

The Atlas Hart Book Swap is a place where you can get rid of your old/used books to exchange for others! Please read the rules before participating in the swap.

1. Please be honest and respectful. If you agree to swap books, please follow through with your agreement.
2. Please post one picture of the book you’d like to swap in the appropriate album. If you’d like to add more than one picture of one book, please put the images in a collage and post that single collage picture.
3. When swapping, there should be no money exchanged. You are only responsible for paying the price of postage.
4. Once you’ve browsed the available book album and found a book you’d like to swap, message the owner of that book to request it.
5. Do NOT post your address on the page. Addresses should be exchanged through private messages during a swap.
6. If someone does not follow through on their swap, please alert admin and that person will be banned.

Devon Browning

Admin are not responsible for any books not received. Please use your best judgement when mailing books and/or giving out your address. This page is supposed to be FUN! But please be safe and kind, as well.

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