The theme for week three of the 52-Week Blog Challenge is “Meet My Family.” I usually don’t post this kind of thing because I’m very private and, honestly, a little paranoid about my pictures being stolen. It happens when we least expect it, ya know!? But I’ve challenged myself to complete this 52-Week Blog Challenge, so that’s what I’m going to do.

My husband and I have two kids and a cat – the most beautiful little family. Because everyone asks… no we don’t plan on having any more kids đŸ˜‰ Two is the perfect number for us. We haven’t done proper family photos in many years. So we don’t have pictures of all of us together. The image below was taken by Arron Boleyn Photography. I do have a picture of my husband in my Week 1 Blog Post.

My boys are the absolute best. The smallest one, Vincent, is just like his daddy. He reminds me most of Buddy the Elf. He’s always very bubbly, outgoing, friendly, and optimistic. My oldest son, Talon, is like his momma… introvert who overthinks everything lol. I get the best of both world since their little personalities are so opposite!

Sometimes you’ll hear me talk about my oldest son having special needs because of his mental illness. But he’s also been a Mensa member since he was 5 years old and were all extremely proud of him for that.

My cup is overflowing with love and joy because I’ve been so blessed to have my kids and husband. And don’t forget about our cat, Baby Cat! (She was named that when we got her.) She is my oldest son’s emotional support animal (ESA).

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