This weeks theme is “My Childhood Memories.” I’m sure we all have positive and negative memories. But this time I’m going to focus on the positive!

I thought maybe I would switch it up this time and do a “word dump” or “train of thoughts” writing.

Also, before I start… I realize that I’m way behind on this 52-Week Blog Challenge. This is a personal challenge for myself. I want to do this challenge so I can write more. But lately, life has just been getting in the way. Some positive things, some negative things. We’ve been in the process of buying a house, we got a new dog, a lot of medical things have happened, a lot of doctor appointments, car trouble, etc. You name it, it’s happened in February of 2020.

Even though I’m behind… I’m not stopping or skipping ahead. I’ll continue this challenge even if it takes me a little longer than I expected.

So lets start with this train of thoughts… and leave yours in the comments!

Princess snow globes. Cucumber melon body spray. Lisa Frank. Barbies. Small Barbie shoes. Jelly sandals shoes. Futon beds. Cheerleading. Fire ants. Trampolines. Blackberry picking. Climbing trees. Riding bikes. Chips and salsa. Etnie shoes. Doctors. Platform shoes. Walkman CD player. Harry Potter. Narnia. Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Disney Original Movies. Aaron Carter. Nickelodeon. Rectangle breakfast pizza at school. Bunnicula. Goosebumps. Pulling coupons at grocery stores. Flea markets. Yard sales. Smell-good markers. Boy Meets World. Claire’s store. Hot Topic. Star Wars. Super Nintendo. Nintendo 64. Gameboy Advance. Milky gel pens. Butterfly hair clips. Mudd shoes. I Spy books. Blockbuster video. AOL messenger. Stick-on earrings. Small blowup chairs. Fold-out foam chairs. Sister Sister. *NSYNC. Spice Girls. Britney Spears. Backstreet Boys. Lizzie McGuire. The Little Toaster That Could. Velour. VHS tapes. Roller skates. Riding bikes. Playing in the creek. Friends. Dial up internet. AIM messenger.

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