Here’s another ghost story for ya.

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m an adult and I’m still afraid of the dark. But it’s not necessarily the dark itself. It’s what’s in the dark that makes me uneasy. Or rather, the unknown… not knowing if something is in the dark with you or not. How would you know unless you can see it? And you can’t see in the dark so you don’t really know for certain.

For all you know, something or someone could be standing in front of your face, watching you, breathing on you, the very second you turn the lights out.

That’s what this story is about. Things in the dark.

And by things in the dark, I mean things that watch you as you sleep.

And by things that watch you in your sleep, I mean ghosts… or demons… or spirits… or whatever you want to call them.


There was a night when I fell asleep comfortably. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. In fact, I was very peaceful while I was falling asleep that night. I did my nightly routine and when I laid down, I watched the cooking channel until I drifted off.

It was around 3:00am that I woke up. This is unusual for me. But I thought maybe the wind had been loud or something. I looked at my phone, saw the time, then rolled back over.

But something didn’t feel right.

I looked at the foot of my bed and there it stood. About 4 feet tall. Blacker than night. Covered in fur. And as cliche as it may sound, it had horns. But these horns weren’t the kind you usually see. They were like a ram’s horns but ten thousand times thicker and larger. It was twice the size of the creature’s head. It stood at the foot of my bed and stared at me as I stared at it.

And for a moment, I thought I was dreaming. So I leaned over on my elbow to look past it, hoping I could see the wall behind it. And I couldn’t. So I knew it was there. It wasn’t transparent. It was there. And it stood there long enough for me to grab by phone and turn the flash light on.

As soon as I turned the flash light toward it, it was gone.

I’ve done a lot of research since then. I want to know what it was and why it was watching me.

This image is Krampus. And though what I saw looks similar, the one I saw was solid black and the horns were much bigger and curled under on the sides where the ears should have been.


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