Two words.

Brandon Sanderson.

Whenever people ask me for creative writing advice, the best (and shortest) answer I can give is “watch Brandon Sanderson’s lectures on YouTube.” Why? Because if you plan to be a better writer (don’t we all?), then I highly suggest you watch every video of Mr. Sanderson’s lectures.

It’s like… taking a college class in your own home for FREE. No sign-ups. No contracts. No payments. No email address needed. Nothing. I don’t know about you, but if I can save money and educate myself, I’m all in.


I don’t get paid to “advertise” these videos. I have no affiliation with Brandon Sanderson whatsoever. I don’t even know the fella in real life. It wasn’t until a fellow writer suggested his lectures to me that I realized it was going to change my entire writing career.

After watching just ONE lecture, I felt more educated and empowered than I ever have about my writing skills. He doesn’t just touch base on one subject, but rather MANY different subjects in regards to creative writing.

  • World building
  • Dialogue and agents
  • Plotting
  • Magic systems
  • Characters
  • Illusions
  • And more!


-for free-




The above image is literally how I felt while writing after applying the knowledge I learned from watching these YouTube videos.

Here’s a link that will direct you to all of his videos:

Keep in mind that some content may change in between the time that I post this blog and you read this blog. But, one thing will always remain the same. Brandon Sanderson’s lectures will change the way you approach writing. For the better.

If you like this blog post and/or if it has helped you, please share it so it can help other aspiring writers, too!

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